Fix & Flip Foundation

Fixing and Flipping a property means you buy a property, repair and or renovate it, and then sell it. Sound simple? It is, actually. And it’s also really challenging to implement, at least on your first few properties. Like most things, it gets easier with practice. So what are the essential elements you need to…

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What to Look For When Buying Renting Properties

Rental properties can be a great way to generate income while leveraging creative investment strategies to minimize your taxes. It’s important to be selective when choosing properties, however, to ensure you are getting the most rental income with the least amount of stress and time involved. One of the first ideas or concepts we like…

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Our Mission

Cashflow Divas is a community dedicated to helping women achieve their financial freedom goals. 1.  We believe that information on how to achieve your financial freedom goals should be accessible, affordable and available to all. 2.  We believe in uplifting one another with ideas, resources and opportunities to build wealth and streams of passive (or active) income.…

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